My PMT Wellbeing Meal Plan

Ok so it’s a bit of a strange place to start! But it was doing the PMT meal plan that encouraged me to think seriously about sharing what I do in the kitchen.  Let’s be honest, if I don’t feel great the first people who get it in the neck are my family. Not a pretty sight I assure you.

I am overwhelmed by information about healthy eating, clean eating, vegan eating, meat and saturated fat eating. All of it. It fills my Facebook newsfeed, pings into my inbox and at present dominates my cook book library. As if it wasn’t enough I still sit and surf the Internet for something different, something inspirational, something that will fulfill a particular need.

So when I decided to investigate managing my PMT by way of nutrition that is what I did, I surfed, searched my inbox and waited for the right thing to arrive on Facebook . It didn’t. I don’t suffer with the debilitating cramps like some, or even succumb to plate throwing or snappiness, but I am overwhelmed by emotion. I really struggle, during one week of the month, to feel worthy, to hold back the tears at the slightest comment, or not to build the minor into the major. Some months I am so desperately low and tired I heave myself through the day merely because I have to for the children. I do take a fabulous multivitamin (Solgar, Female Multiple) which has made a difference but not enough. I was on the lookout for more.

I read all I could read about what I should be eating for all manner of pre menstrual symptoms, bloating, headaches, anxiety and general crossness, but I couldn’t find what I needed as a mum. With a family to feed. With a real budget and a real busy week.

I discovered oily fish and dark green veg, turkey along with cutting out alcohol, sugar and processed foods were all beneficial. I decided to do an experiment. I planned it for a pmt week when my husband was working in Florence (keeping myself busy with my banish the pmt blues project was sure to keep the green eyed monster away). He doesn’t have a great track record with fish further to the traumas of working in a fish factory as a student, the children, however, don’t have any such deep seated issues.

So for that week I severely upped our fish and spinach intake, fish pies, oozy veg lasagna and a very quick salmon on the run tea. I did notice a difference. Less tears, less feelings of isolation, comparitively I felt pretty awesome. Considering.

I needed a plan.

A plan that worked. One that didn’t contain a different thing for every individual meal. A realistic family plan with meals that everyone could enjoy, even the fish averse husband.  A plan with an associated shopping list of easily accessible ingredients, so I didn’t have to trawl through all my books and websites every month.

Below is My PMT Wellness Meal Plan, all the hard work taken out of it for you so it can become yours as well. I have shared the links or the references approriately and tried to set it out so it uses leftovers up, doubles up on breakfasts and lunches and can be helped along the way by a little time spent doing some prep at the weekend.  I have a toddler and a puppy, at least, hanging off my leg, so lengthy Sunday batch cooks aren’t necessarily viable in the season I am in. I wouldn’t be able to do more than make a soup and bake some sweet potatoes in preparation for the week.

Below that is my bibliography, including some of the websites I use for inspiration.


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