Easy Flatbreads

Sometimes I haven’t had the forethought to mix up a proper nan bread dough or I just don’t have the time. Once you make these at home and realise how easy they actually are, and how yummy there is no going back.

Makes 4 Flatbread


200g strong white flour (or half strong white flour and half 00 flour if you have some)
120ml water


1. Put a large frying pan on a high heat as you want it really hot for making these
2. Measure out the flour into a bowl and add most of the water (its better to be too dry than too sticky)
3. Mix with a spoon until you have the dough, add more water if needed
4. Tip onto a floured surface and need until you get a smooth dough
5. Split into 4 and roll into balls
6. Press flat into a patty and the roll 1 out into a circle (or a very wobbly round shape if you are like me) you do want them thin, but not so thin you get holes
7. Put it in the pan and start rolling the next ball out but keep your eye on the first and turn it when you get bubbles appearing, squash into the bubbles to get the nice golden spots and remove with in 30 seconds, quite quick.
8. Keep warm in a tea towel while you complete the rest

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