Hi, I’m Hannah and I am truly delighted you have decided to stop by to share part of this journey with me.



I am passionate about creating food legacy for my children.  And maybe for your children. I aim to enjoy  a kitchen that produces healthy food that works for a family, for a budget and that’s accessible to everyone. There will most definitely be a little bit of self indulgence along the way, but our wellbeing is paramount.

I want my children to inherit smells from my kitchen, excitement at the beauty of a piece of salmon or an amethyst like aubergine, excitement over the feel of fresh bread dough in their hands.

I have been squashing the desire to do something with my all consuming food obsession for years. Scared that taking steps to make it more than just the thing I love, would somehow turn it into a daily grind. I just can’t keep it in anymore. Even better I get to share it with a friend.  Most of the photos don’t belong to me, they have been taken by my very talented friend Talitha McKibbin.  Who seems to always know what I am thinking.  You can tell which ones are Talitha’s becasue they are beautiful (and most of the more recent ones have a little logo lurking somewhere on them).

So come into my kitchen and spend time with me while I create, and along the way maybe I will share a bit more of me, my rural Irish life and where I got my food legacy from.


Hello, I’m Talitha.

I am mother to 4 children, 3 boys and 1 girl. I originate from Holland but after marrying my Irish husband I was persuaded to move to Northern Ireland, where we have renovated a farmhouse at the foot of the mountains, looking over the Irish sea.

When my children were small I stole some time for myself and took a few photography classes at a local college. Photography is my escape, it allows me to close myself off from the demands of a busy life and enjoy my creative side.

Over the years I have enjoyed exploring portrait and landscape photography but I am always looking for the next challenge and love to learn more. Through some voluntary work I do, and mutual friendships I met Hannah, we had an instant connection and have since built a great friendship sharing much in common.

I too, love to cook and entertain and so was thrilled to get involved in Recipe Trees and begin experimenting with food photography. It has been truly inspiring watching Hannah enjoy her food and creativity. As I love cooking and baking myself too it’s not hard to get excited to try something new.