Easy Flatbreads

Sometimes I haven’t had the forethought to mix up a proper nan bread dough or I just don’t have the time. Once you make these at home and realise how easy they actually are, and how yummy there is no going back. Makes 4 Flatbread Ingredients 200g strong white flour (or half strong white flour…

My Christmas Party Nibbles

My growing up memories of Christmas mainly revolve around a stream of guests coming through the house, just to say hello, or deliver a Christmas card. Most would be offered a drink and a bite to eat. My mum is generally absent from these memories as she was usually in the kitchen. I love people…

Autumn Sausage Casserole

Quick and easy sausage casserole for cold nights, make sure you make extra for warm lunchtime flask filler.

Heałthy Breaks and After School Snacks

  My brain is thoroughly stretched at the beginning of term by form filling and the new extra curricular timetable. Never mind thinking of an interesting, variable and healthy selection for the lunch box. Then he tells me he needs a snack as well. And the snack should be nut free. And healthy. Ok. I…

Lazy Fruit Swirls

These very lazy sugar free snacks are great for children’s lunchboxes and after school snacks too.

Easy 6am Cookies

  I have an unhealthy cookery book obsession and my latest discovery is The Extra Virgin Kitchen by Susan-Jane White. I must have clocked the title of these cookies on my initial flick through and when last Friday, actually at 6am, I realised I was not as organised as I had envisaged, I had a light…

A Taste Of Independence

This new series will explore simple recipes that can be developed as the base for a number of tasty meals. They easily be put together in a basic kitchen. Ingredients are cheap and readily available in all supermarkets.

So get your teens and tweens cooking and help pass on the food legacy.

Beetroot Recipe Tree

Part 2 – Goats Cheese Arancini Balls & Beetroot Purée. It’s nearly the end if the week and I need a bit of comforting luxury. Crunch and ooze. Arancini balls have it all.

The Plain Old Spud

Fall back in love with the versatile and healthy potato. Yes! Healthy!