Cinnamon Christmas Trees

I really needed something sweet to put out with the savoury nibbles, and to be honest I hadn’t really thought of anything. A greatĀ friend in France, who is always overflowing with inspiration, had sent me a mini video of some pastry Christmas Trees being fashioned with Pesto running through them and I did like the…

Focaccia Toasts

I use a Gino D’campo Focaccia method but I can’t find a link to add, so here it is with my own tweak to make light toasts for party nibbles. If you can bear not to dig into it, it is best left over night till you make the toasts. I have to hide it…

Smoked Salmon Mousse

I am not sure if this officially qualifies as being a Mousse, but it’s light, fluffy and if you put it in the fridge over night it sets a bit making it easy to spread onto my Foccacia Toasts. So it my mind it’s moussey. In thinking about putting savoury nibbles together for unexpected, or…

Baked Garlic Tapenade

Put this alongside the baked Garlic Pesto to create a selection of snacks for festive gatherings

Baked Garlic Pesto

Roast garlic makes this Pesto softer and delicious to serve with drinks and Foccacia Toasts as festive party nibbles.