Basic Curry Sauce For Winter Freezing

I’ve spent all summer fiddling with tomatoes in the greenhouse. Feeding, clipping, watering and generally tickling them. I had envisaged relaxing outside on bright summers evenings enjoying fresh homegrown tomatoes smashed into mozzarella, dripping with Pesto and accompanied by a tangy cool white wine. I had conveniently forgotten I live in Northern Ireland where Tuscan…

Beef Kibbeh

Kibbeh is a Lebanese food traditionally made with minced lamb but sometimes I really struggle to get minced lamb here. ¬†As usual I tweaked this and reshaped it to fit in with what I could get and what was in the cupboard. They were actually new to me until my trusty photographer and friend mentioned…

My PMT Wellbeing Meal Plan

How I have tried to develop a workable meal plan that averts PMT symptoms and for the most part feeds the family as well.

Last of The Weekend Fun

Beat the Monday blues with a quick cous cous tabblouleh and leftover salmon. Heathy meal for the whole family.